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Dopamine Homeware

Dopamine dressing might just be the latest trend to hit the headlines - but what is it all about?

In a Harpers Bazaar article Shakaila Forbes-Bell (a fashion psychologist, consultant and founder of website Fashion Is Psychology) mentions “The theory of ‘enclothed cognition’ teaches us that the attributes we associate with specific clothes are incredibly powerful. When we wear these clothes, the associations have the power to change the way we feel and even change the way we act. So, for example, if you associate a yellow jumper with happiness, then you will embody that feeling of happiness when you wear it.”

Overall, it’s all about injecting joy into your life through the clothes that you wear. BUT we think, why stop there? Where you live and how you live has a hella impact on your mood too. That’s why Bubble. Home is bringing you dopamine living with our range of dopamine homeware.

Bright colours (looking at you Rosa Bud Vase), bold shapes (hiiiii Erykah Lips Phone) and fun accessories (Emma Flower Coasters 👀) can pep up any room  - and therefore any mood.


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