About Us

Correct me if I’m wrong, but there’s enough drams in life without having to deal with living in a boring home. Like the old debate of nature vs nurture, or psychologically speaking - set and setting, where you live and how you live is ESSENTIAL to your mood.

To me, surrounding yourself with vibrant colours, delish textures and bold shapes sparks joy and makes me feel at-home. BUT there wasn’t really one place where I could find all of that.

So that’s basically how I started, with an aim to curate all the dopamine decor I could find in one place. Whether that’s wave vases, egg bath mat’s, disco ball plant pots, fuzzy cushions or checkerboard blankets, we got it. Quirky homeware? HELL YEAH.

Bubble. Home was born from the philosophy that ‘girls just wanna have fun’, but add a sprinkle of femininism, dash of equality and a drop of sass… and that’s pretty much what you’re dealing with here.

There’s not much else to say, apart from thanks for supporting my small biz, and if you fancy it, find out more about the me, Taylor, the babe behind Bubble. Home here.


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